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"Fun,Family and Work are three stands that makes the KDP thread"

"Diverse talent working on a pool of ideas"

"Love the non hierarchical atmosphere"

"Friendly Envionment"

"Feel like family here"

"Make a difference in whatever you do"

"Enjoying working on most challenging tasks"

"Great opportunities to grow in personal and professional life"<

"Love the independence afforded to make a difference"

"I am very passionate about the work I do and manage digital marketing"

" A place that allows me to be myself filled with learning,sharing and fun"

"Opportunities to have fun"

"I'm energized by the familial atmosphere"

"Opportunities to explore technologies"

"Learning everyday while maintaining work balance"

"Love the chanllenges that diversified experiences have given me"


We are a family of self motivated, awesome, fun loving people who are out to make the world a better place!!!

You just don't work here you become a part of the family

We grow together in an non-hierarchial, open, flexible, stress free and pleasurable work environment, where work life balance is not a myth. We live it each day!!

Sound mind, sound body and happy family are not just words for us, we encourage you to make them happen

We provide opporunities to grow your knowledge, challenge you to be the best and enhance your career

Celebrating Happy Birthday's of Team Members

Nobody's an Employee Here!!! We Are All a Team

Family Trips

Team Travel to Explore New Horizons

Always Up for a Carrom Game

Looking Forward to the New Year

On The Way to Being Actors

Satiating our Taste Buds

Taking Pride in Ethinicity

Staying Fit


"Making a difference". That's the mantra by which we operate. We belive that through our actions if we enhance even one person's life then our goal has been achieved

We are the most fortunate' and with that understanding we serve the less fortunate by providing support in any form or shape possible

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world

Apart from ensuring effective and productive digital solutions, we also believe in the power of giving back to society. We ensure that by helping every individual in need, we ensure a decent lifestyle for that individual. Through our CSR initiative, KDP Foundation, we have changed millions of lives by providing students with books, helping people of flood struck areas with food, and organizing blood donation camps

As an altruistic vision, we have also started a no commission crowdfunding donation platform,

The smiles on people's faces is all the reward we are looking for!!!

Our team's helping hands donate blood saving lives

Fundraising to support widow's kids school education

Technical help to Paropakari, an altruistic and no commission crowdfunding platform

Helping India's needy with supplies, books and textbooks at primary, high school and college levels

Betterment of flood victims by providing required essentials


We do not hire employees but believe in creating a family of individuals who assist each other in creating and delivering a masterpiece to the clients. We recruit talented individuals who love what they do and are team players. We work together to stand out

We believe in an open-door culture, where everyone has the freedom to put forth their idea, whether it is about a client, work, culture, or the fun activities organized in the organization from time to time. From birthday parties, festival celebrations, and random parties, we work as one unit, helping each other in our endeavours

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